When the people who knew my voice from Catalonia Radio saw me for the first time on television, I realized how much TV brings the journalist closer to the viewer. TV allows us to get inside people’s houses, almost sharing the sofa with the viewers. That’s why I got used to people approaching me with a lot of familiarity, as if we knew each other “in a lifetime”. I have received a lot of affection from the people and I will always be grateful.
In my time in the Sports Department of TV3 I presented, among other programs, the “Gol a Gol”, “El Entorno”, “Tres Punts” or the sports section of “Telenotícies Vespre” under the direction of Carles Francino.
After leaving TV3 I have kept my presence in some TV gatherings like “Efectivament” by Lluís Canut or occasionally with the “ADN” of Barça TV.