Catalunya Ràdio has been “my home” for 13 years, from 1983 to 1996 when I joined the sports section of TV3 (Television of Catalonia). I arrived at the radio when I was only 19 years old and thanks to Lluís Canut, who had seen a couple of interviews with me at Sport newspaper. He proposed me to present myself to the selection tests. It was a very special stage for me. I remember myself full of hope. I have always said that living the birth of a communication media was a magical experience.

In addition, it was not any radio but the National Radio of Catalonia. We were all very aware of this responsibility. We represented a country and, therefore, the form as well as the content were important. Yes. We were very young. But we were willing to show that you could make a cool radio without losing the credibility. We wanted to win the audience from the commitment and the respect for values.

Being part of the Catalan soccer broadcasting team for 9 seasons with Joaquim Maria Puyal and Antoni Bassas meant my professional consecration. The point that marked the before and after of my career, because without the thrust of what is now called TdP, Puyal’s Transmission, I would hardly have ended up making television. It was during the time of the Dream Team when, thanks to Cruyff and Rexach, Barcelona changed the chip and began to feel like a winner.
There are many memorable moments but, without a doubt, in 1992, with Wembley and the Barcelona Games, it has become the best year of all those who lived with a wireless microphone in hand.