The Sport Journal of Barcelona was the beginning of my career as a sports journalist even though it was not my first collaboration in the media. The fall of 1982 I started working as Production Assistant of the program “Cita amb …” (“Meeting with …”) of Spanish National TV Station in Catalonia. The program was directed by Antonio Hernáez, co-editor of the Sport newspaper, and was presented, in two different stages, by José Luís Moreno and his puppets and Olga Viza, who was beginning to become a star in sports journalism. The “Cita amb …” was broadcast on Sunday, after-lunch, and was a program of interviews and musical performances. My job was to coordinate the guests who went to the set but,  after a short time, and despite being only 19 years old, the director gave me the responsibility to choose the artists that had to act. So, I went to see “Tricicle” at the Teatro Regina and recommended that those three mimes debuted on television. They did it with the parody ” I am a rascal, I am a gentleman” by Julio Iglesias. The program also gave the alternative to Tomeu Peña many years before he had, as he says, “the devil inside me”. After a short time, Antonio Hernáez, who had already seen that he related me very easily to people and had a certain capacity when proposing ideas, told me “with your character you would have to be a journalist”.

A short time later I was collecting reports from the correspondents of the “national” football section of Sport, when it was on Llúria Street, in the same building as the now-defunct Noticiero Universal. Then came the Barça section and, almost immediately, I passed the tests to enter Catalunya Ràdio thanks to the offer that Lluís Canut made. Another person to whom I owe a lot personally and professionally.

In the Diario Sport I worked assiduously from 1983 to 1996, when I joined as a collaborator in the sports section of “El Periódico” in Catalonia.
I have also published in some magazines such as “Futari”, the Finnish football magazine, or in the magazine of DiR Fitness Clubs, providing content on healthy living and sports.