Networking and international consulting, with China and Singapore as developing countries, have been part of my day to day life. China especially. In partnership with Migo Group Consultancy (formerly BusinessChina), we conducted business relations during the Shanghai Expo in 2010, having connected Barcelona Pavilion City with more than 400 companies during the 6-month Universal Exhibition. We have also carried out investment operations in different sectors: renewable energies, nanotechnology, real estate.

Also since 2015, in which current President Xi Jinping promoted the development of soccer in China, we have been carrying out projects aimed at improving the quality of football in the Asian giant. The Qingdao Barça school, the first developed in China by the Barça club, the signing of coach teams for Qingdao Huang Hai and Greentown Hangzhou or the promotion of international youth football tournaments in China are some examples.

I also have worked in communication and MK projects that allow me to stay very active in everything that has to do with writing and creativity. I have been working on sponsorship and advertising for customer recruitment as well as in commercial areas.

Working in very different sectors is an exercise that keeps the mind fit and helps to improve learning processes. I have also been able to verify often that the speed of response increases when it comes to “connecting” opportunities with opportunities hunters.